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Every day were the same in my diary, I will only go back a few days ago.

DAY 8 APRIL: Today I fell asleep and arrived a little late to work, thanks to Barbara who signed up for me so that I would not get angry. She is a good friend. Day 9 of Day 9 of April: Today is my last day of the forty, tomorrow already I will fulfill 41, I have ordered some cakes for the ones of the work and a cake for house, when I remove the cake they remembered my birthday .

April 10th: I was surprised at home, when it was 12 o’clock last night, they congratulated me and we have a trip this Easter that my husband (Jorge) has organized an inland trip seeing different cities Avila, Toledo, Cuenca … Only for Both of them, my son studies outside and goes to the beach with his uncles and cousins ​​during the holidays. At work I have been congratulated and we have had a good time too. Thank goodness that today I have written something more special in this newspaper. Oh, and I’ll have to ask for some more vacation days, I hope the boss does not put me in trouble.

April 11: I have spoken with my boss and he has not put any kind of problem to catch me more days. Barbara has accompanied me to buy me some clothes, has good taste, has insisted that I have to forget the jeans and put more dresses and skirts, jejejeejej, says that if he becomes a man I would have linked with me. I bought a very daring dress a skirt I think too short for my 41 a semitrasparent blouse, another dress more elegant and summer heels.

April 12th: Today, the last day of work of the week, we take the girls from work. Marta as always showed us her new jewelry.

 April 13: I went to do some shopping, not much because this week we’re going a few days. I bought sports and sports clothes. I sent pictures to Barbara and it turns out that she was in the same commercial center and we bought an equal dress for each one, it’s not for nothing, but it fits me better.

April 14th: I got up very late we had breakfast together and then we went to take vermouth and we ate with tapas and skewers.

April 15th: another day more of the same. Marta has been burned a part of the hair this weekend on a barbecue, was unbearable.

April 16: last day of work before going on vacation, Marta arrived with a hairstyle very little seen, says that it cost € 120, is believed to be millionaire. suitcases ready and to sleep.

April 17th: Everything is ready, I will leave my diary here and even if I sign it on the phone. but I’ll pass it to my diary, I like it better.

April 24th: yesterday on Tuesday when we returned home we had an accident, some boars crossed the road and when we tried to avoid them we left the road, it was horrible

when we left, we hit a tree and the car was left side by side. Jorge was fired, I did not wear a belt, I wore it and it almost cost me my life. everything was silent, he would scream and call Jorge until he answered me, he wandered, he had a blow on the head and he was bleeding from an arm. He called the same to help us.

I do not know why, what could happen when something started to burn, I still had not been able to release my belt and I was still powerless and I saw that the fire was spreading more and more, smoke and flames started coming from all sides, a Ambulance and other cars I guess police or guards, I do not remember. They attended to Jorge and others tried in vain to extinguish the damn fire, the expinteror finished and continued to burn, they left the car. A non-uniformed man approached jumped on the car and I do not know how he cut my belt and pulled me out of the car in a second, god I thought I was going to die there. I was treated immediately in the ambulance. Luckily, we are both alive and in a few days fully recovered.

Day 25 of April: we are both of low, they have called those of the insurance of the car, I was at all risk, less badly, because it burned whole, the car and my telephone also.
April 27: Barbara and other friends came to see us. We do not worry about work and we recover.

April 28: We got up late and took a walk. Jorge says that tomorrow he will go to work. I will not go yet I have the fright inside me.

April 29: Jorge went to work and I stayed in bed and started thinking about the man who took me out of the car, the others separated from the car and only came to pick me up when he took me out. I only remember the decision with which the brightness of his green eyes acted when the others shone with powerful lights or flashlights and a strong arm that I extracted from the car as if it were a feather.

April 30: I went to the hairdresser to get my hair done, the heat and the fire burned a good piece. I keep thinking about that man, my arm I love him hugging him to go out, because the doctor said it was a brown polyester sweater and if I remember that man wore a brown sweater.