Cum Swallowing Teen Cutie

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This happened to me 11 years ago, now I am 28 years old, so I do accounts. It’s the story of how I managed to make love with a mature neighbor, which I wanted from the moment I enter puberty. She, whom we will call “Totey”, in that period of approximately 37 years, married and with three children, is a woman of approximately 1.60, clear brunette, breasts of good appearance, few bubbles, with a good mouth pacifier. Every day I saw her pass by my house taking her youngest son to school, I loved spying on her to see how good she was, those miniskirts, or when she put on those little Likras, that I could see her very rich shell, imagine how It got hot But as you know, one thinks about how to have these females in their hands and nothing else can not, because they are older, they do not frequent much, the children, the husband, etc …, but a good point I had. in favor It was knowing that her husband painted his horns and that with her nothing at all, that I heard while I was in a business that had a video store, that I loved to go through a movie and see her buttocks or legs while sitting To the point of masturbating while I saw her there in the video store, as there was a space behind where I looked forward but could not see there. Sometimes I would find her in the grill looking for roast chicken and, while I waited, I saw her imagining that I had it, which made me feel warmer, so when I stopped next to the chickens I passed it and got up with my hands on my buttocks , without that she has not told me anything. but it did not happen more than that, he realized that I liked it a lot and it bothered me, but I was very shy and afraid of not daring to say anything or to insinuate anything, sometimes in the video store we talked about. and she told me how big it was and I wondered if she had a girlfriend, but anyway. Once I took out the boxes of the videos for a shelf and told him they had fallen, that the day I wore a black miniskirt, that’s why I did it, he bent down, I helped him and I crouched trying to look between his delicious dishes. Legs that offered to caress that I did not dare to touch. until one day it arrives as usual in the morning, like at 10:00, when only she and I were in the business, I began to heal, I went to the back, where the old Mexican movies were the ones that are and sex, when she came there and started to clean the boxes of the movies with a rag, I saw her, that day she wore a light brown miniskirt, and a white blouse that showed her shoulders and breasts, without saying anything she started doing. clean while watching the “movies”, just as he moved to stand in front of me, I stepped forward to rub my penis hard and firm, my cock just touched her buttocks, she wiped and I felt the heat of her buttocks stop more so that she felt it and she did a little backwards with what she could not stand and I was willing to kiss her, she just sighed as she grabbed his buttocks and turned to look at her and kiss her, to which she did not resist, I lifted her up. Skirt to caress her buttocks and squeeze and bring her closer so that she feels my erect penis in her vagina, she was panting, I took her hand and I took it to my penis which was enough for me to start touching him like crazy. , under the closure I take it out and I look at it and he told me that you were going to kill me and I started to kiss him, to kiss him, to touch him with his tongue to put it little by little in his mouth, and to see him disappear almost completely, I could not believe I had it at my feet sucking my cock. I lowered her panties, finally I could see that the small slit in all her glory put her finger and I felt how wet she was, I put two fingers while kissing and caressing her tits, licked her nipples and bit them, until she said “Now I want to feel you inside, put it in, please “, to what I said, you want this, you want it” yes, give it to me “, and the mere pleasure of hearing it moan was more than enough, there we were both on the floor panting like two animals in zeal, she moved as only mature women know how to do it, I saw her face while expressing the pleasure of feeling a member inside her, until I did not hold her anymore and ended up being her.