The Submissive Bitch Apprentice (stories)

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A mischief. A black mischief that he had bought a year ago for a special occasion and that he had brought with him. It was death and could finally release it.

His master had given him a choice between resting or spending the night with him.

And he had decided.

Her pussy burned for him and he abused the one he had been subjected to. The wounds on his back, his busted ass told him that nothing he had suffered on that day was normal …

And yet, there it was, ready and willing, to be used again. Something was definitely not right inside his head.

She felt like a woman while she waited in bed. She felt like a newlywed, really.

I could not help it. The clothes, the stage … It was as if it was the first time they were going to make love.

His master stood at the foot of the bed and slowly climbed the garment he was wearing leaving his crotch in the air.

He felt shame. It was not the first time he showed it to her, but never so close or so intimately.

He placed his legs in the shape of M.

– Until now I have only humiliated you and forced some limit to which soon you will get used to. Being here proves it. -God, no, he did not want to, he did not want to get used to being taken for dirty mutts … His master took a horseshoe from the closet and showed it to him. -You are a slave, Little Pig, and your body and your mind are only for my amusement.

His body trembled with pure fear. He knew very well where the blows of that damn thing were going to go.

I wanted to run away. To his room, to his house, to his life, even to try to go out with that boy who put him in his eyes … What was his name?

The first blow that is received in the pussy is always special. Painful, humiliating, pleasant … A mixture of sensations very difficult to describe.

A second blow hit the same area. And a third, and a fourth … At first I understood, but ended up understanding. They were fucking her with blows.

And yes, she ran from pure slut that she was.

Her master finished undressing her by slitting the picardies she was carrying.

He lashed her fiercely, until his arm tired. Not only in her genital area, but also in her breasts, on the inside of her thighs, even on the soles of her feet.

His body screamed in pain when his master left the room.

God, I had to put an end to all this, it was fucking fucking crazy. I could not spend another minute in that house …

He soon returned. He was carrying one of those disgusting mutts with him.

“No, please, not in bed,” he pleaded.

The pooch immediately climbed into it and began to lick her pussy.

His tongue, though harsh, was the most wonderful thing he had ever felt in his life.

A strong orgasm did not take long to shake his whole body, but that did not matter to the pooch.

He relaxed. A second orgasm, intense but much more pleasurable, filled it again.

The mongrel stopped licking.

I was ready, ready to be mounted. It did not matter that he was in bed or in the position of the missionary, seeing the pooch face to face, being fully aware of what he was doing. I wanted to be fucked.

– Come on, come on, Brutus, you’re done here. Miss does not want to have sex with you today.

What? How? When? But what the hell was going on …? His master was going out the door …

– You’re a fucking bitch!

His master disengaged.

I could hear him laughing as he walked down the hall.

But nothing happened. Because I would go back. Had to go back. I was just playing with her and … Was she really anxious to fuck a fucking dog in bed?

He tried to get up, get up. He had to close the door so they would not come back. At least his room had a latch.

His body screamed in pain but he ignored it as he walked step by step to the door.

His master was there.

-If you really want me to fuck you, you just have to ask me please.

He opened his mouth and closed it. No, I was not thinking of doing that.

-I’m going. Tomorrow, to my house.

– I already knew that you were not going to take even two days.

He hurt her in his pride, but that did not matter now. Only he had already made his decision.

Her master picked her up and gently returned her to the bed.

-So, you do not want to? Only for tonight. Tomorrow everything will be over and it will never matter anymore.

– Only for this night? – asked Cerdita.

-Only for tonight.

He looked at the mutt.

-Please, let me do it. – whispered

Neither cut nor lazy Brutus got on the bed and mounted.

I knew what I was doing. I was fully aware of it. Because he did not close his eyes. I was watching him. In the eyes, the muzzle of the pooch.

While I fucked her.

While she opened her legs for him, because to her shame she had discovered that she liked to be fucked hard and in pain.

And what the hell, he wanted to enjoy his last night, to leave the fucking mutt dry.

Do you want me to bring you another one?

I did not ask with malice, I was really surprised at the behavior of Cerdita. It was the first time in his life that he saw Brutus exhausted.

-I love you. – Cerdita replied. – If this one goes to my last night here, I love you, inside me.


Shut up your fucking mouth and fuck me fucking

But who the fuck thought she was the bitch to give orders to him? He turned it over and put it behind him while Cerdita was dying of taste …

White shirt, denim skirt, slippers, matching bag. A very uruguese and youthful look for a people lost at the hand of God.

Was going. He had decided, he had to do it before he lost his mind completely. In the house were Esmeralda and His master.

-Then it’s true that you’re leaving. – Esmeralda commented when he saw her with the suitcases

Cerdita nodded.

-This life is not for me. He picked up the suitcase and headed for the door. Only when he opened it, a certain thing that still tied her to this place came to mind … – What about the picture?

-Nothing. A slave must surrender voluntarily. Forcing you to stay with me is about losers.

-So, will not you use it?

-You have my word. If you want to leave, go away, without fear.

He was serious. Deep down he was a good … man.

-Can you call a taxi?

-I can but I will not. Take the bus to the capital, and then return to Madrid. There’s no way to get lost.

Cerdita left the house without looking back. He asked an old man who found himself where the bus stop was.

He noticed how he ate it with his eyes.

– And where can I find a pharmacy?

-A drugstore? And what’s the problem with a girl so young that she needs a pharmacy?

-I have to buy a certain thing …

I had to try not to get pregnant. I was not sure if the morning-after pill worked beyond the first 24 hours. If by chance she had become pregnant, she did not know how she was going to explain it to her parents.

-Yeah sure. He never uses a condom.


-Your master, who else?

The colors went up to his face. How could he have betrayed her in that way?

-And I’m not. I leave.

-Yes, that told us, that you were going to leave after two days. Did you like the gift? We put a lot of effort into doing it.

Knowing that he had swallowed his semen and without questioning almost made her vomit.

– You and who?

-The bar, we all contribute. You liked it, little pig?

-I’m not that anymore. he answered automatically.

-There is a certain photo that says yes.

I could not believe that they had betrayed her in that way.

-Please, I’m not that anymore. I just want to leave.

-And we fuck you and you eat our jizz. And we do not have as many scruples as your master

She felt cornered. The old man put his hand around her waist.

– Come, come, they’re waiting for you.

In the bar there were 16 men playing mus plus the waiter. Everyone looked at her. Everyone knew who he was …

-There is a room upstairs. Go away removing those beautiful clothes that you wear that we will go up as soon as we decide the order.

He climbed the stairs. God, I did not want to do it. Surrendering to a master was one thing, surrendering to 18 strangers, another very different. But what alternative was left?

He got inside and began to take off his clothes.

Soon the first man arrived. He gave 20 euros.

-Take for your master.

-I’m not his slave anymore.

-No, not that. You were the prize of yesterday’s game. You will meet him and give him the money. -A new master and I did not even know who he was … – And now lie down, I want to fuck you.

Little pig obeyed.

Some wanted to fuck, some behind, others who sucked, and some other wanted to cum on his face, hair, breasts … And everyone paid.

The final culmination was spilling over his hair and body a bowl full of cum and see all of them as he licked directly from the ground the shed spilled on him.

I was disgusted when someone knocked on the door.

-It can?

It was the voice of a woman.

-I had to have imagined that it was you.

-You behaved marvelously well – he said while counting the money – I have not received a complaint from the clients.

Cerdita did not answer anything. He had let himself be done. He had let himself do things that …

-You have enjoyed?

– Will it be like that for the rest of my life?

-That only depends on you. You can leave if you want. Cerdita smiled. I had heard that before. Technically you are not mine anymore.

– How I’m not yours?

-I’ll win the cards, but only one day. Today. We knew you were going to go, but blackmail can only be used once.

-But that man said …

-It is the father of your master. Of course he knows about you. Is it the hardest you used, right? You are as hers as you are from your master. Others imagine it, but they have no power over you.

-I’m not …

-Don’t say nonsense, Piglet. You are a slave, a great slave. You will return running to the arms of your master because you will only be happy at his feet.

-He has betrayed me …

– Have you ever told him he can not use your photo? Or talk about you with your friends? Have you put some kind of limit? Do not? Well then you can not feel betrayed. Little pig, you are her slave in body and mind.

-And you, what are you?

-I am your submissive.- He let go as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Esmeralda glanced at the time – You know, I’m thinking you’re technically mine until dawn. So let’s do one thing before you go back to your master’s house.

Esmeralda took off her skirt she was wearing, revealing that she was not wearing any underwear. She had her pussy provided with a beautiful bush of red hairs bright as fire dotted with white spots. Needless to say, it was a part of a very recent cumshot.

-Liminate it, Little Pig. I do not want to see a trace of semen on him.

Submissively, Cerdita knelt down and put her tongue in her mistress’s pussy. Esmeralda quickly ran into his face, but Cerdita kept licking.

He returned to his master’s house, totally humiliated, smelling of cum and cum from Esmeralda. And naked. Because they had not let her get dressed.

I do not even want to put on my sneakers

Cerdita’s heart was beating at the thought of someone seeing her. God, I was horny lost.

Someone who saw him. Your master, of course. He looked her up and down.

-You’re disgusting.

-Can I come up and wash?

-Only if you kneel, open your mouth and you swallow my piss.

Cerdita knelt, opened and soon the sweet taste of her master flooded her mouth …