The New Gym Masseur

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Relatively recently they have hired a masseuse in my gym.

The first weeks, with the novelty, it was impossible to take time with her… But Once I pass the “boom ” of the new and especially if, as in my case, you do not care that you catch at the last hour, is not so difficult!

So I have come aproveching of this service of the gym (which fixed that in nothing ceases to be “Free” as step with the paddle tracks). Anyway, I’m going down the bushes!

It Was The penultimate time I use this service, in which at the end of the massage, let me make a comment in clear mood tone, to Cristina (so called, a brunette, by the way, hehe).

Cristina: “What’s up? More relaxed? You Had several knots, the stresses ”

I: “Great… You have incredible hands! In Nothing I have again with reserved appointment! The last-minute heavy! Hehe

Cristina: ‘ Of heavy nothing Carla! Besides (in conspiracy tone), after passing my hands by ladies and gentlemen of a certain age, a young girl is grateful!

I: “hehe, then if you thank, for when with happy ending? (I said it jokingly, I swear! But She got serious all of a sudden and I thought, shit! I Always take confidence right away and make jokes that still do not touch) ”

Cristina: “No… I could not… I would lose my license for doing something like that, if someone found out… (I said seriously, but mine had been just a bad joke… Not to take it seriously!) ”

I: “It was Just a joke… (I said getting red, because I would have believed that suggested something like that… I’m not so crazy, at least sober, hehe), excuse me Cristina ”

Cristina: “No, ya… I know you were joking (this time I noticed that she was blushing, it was clear that I had thought that I said seriously, he fired awkwardly and left the room…).

I recognize that in the shower I was spinning the confusion… But then I forgot; Until the next weekend, when at dawn, I received the following whatsap:

“Hi Carla, I’m Cristina, from the gym… Sorry to write to you at this hour… Is that I do not get out of my head the misunderstanding of Monday afternoon… You will have thought that I am an idiot who does not catch a joke… And Since then I have been grated; But when you have not re-book session with me… (It was true, but it had been for lack of time, not for misunderstanding) I Do Not know, I thought to write the same Monday, but I dare not… Today, I guess that being Saturday and bring some more beer, I’m emboldening! And that they say it is not a good idea to write drunk to the person you like… ”

Ok!! This was already too much information to assimilate! But I saw that I kept writing…

“… It’S not… Sometimes when you like someone, a part of you, usually think that is reciprocal and as you came so much and always so close… When you made the joke, I thought I was serious and although part of me is glad, another crap… And from there my way out… Now with this grated that I’m hitting you, in a harassing plan, fixed that you change the gym… ”

I left a blank moment, not knowing that I was supposed to say… It Was When I saw that I stopped being online (yes, I’m a coward), when I deign to answer:

“Cristina, you’ve left me a little crazy! I… I did not Even know that you had my phone (which was true, but maybe not to need to tell)… Not Good to say! I’m Not going to lie to you, I’m not indifferent, because I’m clearly bisexual, but the other day alone was that, a joke… In fact I made you straight, I thought that the guy who comes to find you sometimes was your boyfriend… ”

Send the WHATSAP, and the moment I saw it online and writing … I would almost prefer to leave it here for now… But I stayed in suspense to see his new whats:

“I Know I’ve just gone from trusts looking for your phone in the gym database… Would Understand that you complain… As for my… Well if, although I consider myself straight, for some time I have thoughts with girls… Which have intensified, since I know you and I have been surprised thinking often in you… More than one night, alone in my bed, I have “made” of everything… I’M very drunk and tomorrow I Will regret these whatsaps! ”

I was aware that I had to go quite a drink, that or I was spending a joke and laughing of my… In any case, the most decent of me would have been to let it pass until the next day… But Obviously, it was not what I did, hehe:

“Cristina! Don’t drink anymore and sleep the Mona! And tomorrow, when you return to be the one in charge and not the alcohol… If You Keep thinking the same… I will be delighted to keep talking and talk about everything, even to retake the: happy ending “but this time really, hehe and do not know, you do me all that you say that i ” do ”

I Saw that wrote, stop, wrote and stop and finally nothing sent me… And the idea that it was just a tease… Or The delusions of alcohol did not let me sleep…

But the next day, when Dawn (not before noon, hehe) I found new whatsaps of my masseuse…

“Sorry about yesterday’s harassment, I’m super ashamed… But I confess that by the time I was not so sincere… And even if it gives me some “scary” I would love to give you your happy ending ”

I had sent it to a few hours, I began to answer, when I saw it online and thought I Better call…

Cristina: “Carla? I… Sorry for the Whatsps (I was nervous, I think calling her had dislocated, but I liked a little to have it so) ”

I: “There is nothing to forgive, Cris… Do You Have something to do today? You Want to go for a drink and talk? Near The gym there is a cafeteria…

Cristina: (After a pause of a few seconds, while listening to swallow saliva, gathering value…) I’M home Alone now… I pass You location and You come? I want you to come… We Will Be alone and… I would like not only to talk…

I Stayed this time quiet I… I Didn’t expect it to be so thrown… But do not say NO, especially confused Heteros…