Relato Roxi Lesbian

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My name is Roxi, I am a Colombian young woman, but I live in Galicia with my parents for two years. I Measure a meter sixty, I am bisexual, Trigueña, all curves and I relieve reading your stories. I would like to have sex with you to know if you fuck you do the things you write.

P.S.-You Can Ask Me anything you want.

To his mail, I answered:

-Tell Me How was your last lesbian relationship with whom.

His answer was:

The last time was also the first.

I came back from school with my friend Carmen and it began to rain in torrential form. We cover our heads with the folders, we run and we shelter under a balcony. The Whole street was flooded. There was a bitch in a car and we bathed with the water of a pond that had formed. Carmen, looking for the car that moved away, said:

-Damned Wretch!

-Ojala stamp against a lamppost.

-My House is just around the corner. Are you Coming to dry?

Carmen, I liked it, I liked it very much. Heard some comment about her sexual inclinations. At that time I decided To clarify my doubts.

-Yes, but first tell me: are You a lesbian?

-I like girls, yes. And you?

I lied to Him.


-It’S Good to have things clear. Are you Coming to my house or not? My father and mother are working.

-Why do you tell me?

-So that you do not think bad to see that they are not, that if you come.


Carmen is a brunette girl with blue eyes, long black hair, beautiful, lower than me, and has a beautiful ass, and for him he looked on the way home.

When I entered his house I felt a very nice calorcillo and a fresh smell of pine. In the room, Carmen, put the folder on top of one of the heaters, and leaving, he said:

-Put your folder next to mine.

He soon returned with four bath towels, left three on top of the heater and with the other he started to dry my hair. I Started shaking. Smiling, he said:

-The Tembleque is not cold. It’S the nerves. Do not worry. I’m Not going to eat you. Take Off your jacket and blouse.

-I Don’t wear a bra.

-I told you I was not going to eat you.

I took off my jacket and blouse and saw my pear-shaped boobs, black areolas and fine nipples.

-You Have beautiful boobs.

I Smiled nervously, and I said:


He Took the towel he had put on the heater, got behind me, and with it warm dried my neck, my back, my tummy, and finally my boobs. He kissed my neck, I said:


-As you Like. She Just stripped you.

When I took off the skirt, the socks, the shoes and the panties were giving me Up and she knew it.

-You Have a wonderful body.


He wiped my buttocks and kissed me. I Didn’t rebuke her. He wiped my legs. I turned around. Crouched. I dried my hair, which I had totally shaved and kissed my clitoris. Then He got up, took another towel from the one on the heater, and said:

-Dry me head.

In front of her I began to dry her hair. Carmen took off her jacket, blouse and bra. She Had beautiful, rounded boobs. I Took another size and I sequé everything, back, buttocks, belly… When i dried my boobs felt like my hot flow was coming out of my thighs. Carmen’s finished stripping. When I crouched to dry her hairy, legs and feet, she grabbed my head with both hands and took my mouth to her cuevita. I had seen enough lesbian sex, so I put my tongue between the slit and I licked from bottom to top. The tongue was filled with babitas, warm, delicious. I Threw away the towel. I grabbed her by the waist and made her a delicious cunniligus… I Don’t know how long it was until my legs started shaking and it ran in my mouth. It was Not like me that I run like a river, Carmen, ejaculated very little, but yes, his moans of pleasure bristled the skin. I looked for the living room floor. On The carpet there was a pool of juices, they were not theirs, they were mine, and that without having run, when I ran I was going to drown in juices, and in fact, almost drowning.

Well. What do you say, Quique? You Want to be the first man to penetrate me and make me do everything? I Hope your answer.

A kiss.

I Don’t know what to answer. What would you do?