Noah’s First Scissors

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It Was a hot summer afternoon. My friends and I had stayed in my pool to spend an afternoon of girls. Our intention was to spend all our time basking in the sun and counting gossip. And of course, giving us some other dip. We were going to be four, but in the end two of them couldn’t come. So we’d just be my friend Noah and me. Just arrived, we took off our clothes, staying nothing more than a few tiny bikinis for the Sun to leave the smallest possible mark. Then we plunged into the water to freshen up a bit and went out to Tan and talk about our things. I sequé a little, knocked face down in the towel and asked Noah to put on sunscreen. She accepted. Unfastened my top of the bikini and started giving me a back rub with the cream. Little by little it was coming down. When he got to the ass also massaged me, which at first I did not expect and I was quite surprised, but I did not say anything because the truth is that I liked. When He finished he came to my ear and asked me if I had liked, but I took it as a joke because he could not contain the laughter after telling me.

A while later, we went back to get in the pool. We Were playing around, jumping into the water and in one of the jumps, Noah was unfastened the bra. She didn’t notice and kept talking to me so richly. The truth is, she had beautiful breasts. Not too big, and very white, with sonrosados nipples. I warned her of what had happened to her and she got red with shame. He Began to be overwhelmed by what happened because he said he felt insecure with his body, he did not like to show it and wanted to go. Then I took off my bra and showed him that nothing happens, that the body is beautiful and that you should not be ashamed of it. She got excited because She never believed that I was able to do that and she considered it a beautiful show of friendship, so she ran to give me a hug. Our naked breasts came together and I felt the soft, soft ones that were theirs. The second I noticed his nipples got tough. When he realized that I realized he blushed, but the truth is that I was also excited about the situation, so for the first time in my life, I jumped and kissed her. She did not deviate, but quite the opposite. We Left the pool and continuámos kissing passionately. I Began to kiss her neck, her back, her abdomen her breasts, her delicious nips and she began to moan. The knocked in the towel yseguí walking every corner of your body with my bios and my tongue.

When I finished kissing her, I put my hands on her panties, looked at her to see if she wanted to get them down and she nodded, so I took them off with great care. Because of her vagina, fluids came out that gave me the understanding that she liked what she was doing at the moment. I took a few seconds to watch her completely naked. She Was Beautiful. I noticed the area I had just uncovered. I Was totally depiladita and Empapadita. Her clitoris was small and delicate and her lips fleshy and appetizing. I Started kissing the English, very slowly, very soft, I was just rubbing it lightly with my lips. I went a little closer to his sex and started kissing his big lips. They Were supersoft and delicious. She was trying to contain the groans of pleasure, but She could not. And without making her wait any longer, I began to eat all her vulva. Her clitoris was erect. I was stroking It with my tongue and sucking it out. And when she already thought she couldn’t feel more pleasure, I stuck her tongue in her vagina. He Couldn’t stand it anymore and it ran in my face. I woke up and showed him how he ate his fluids.

As he recovered from his first orgasm, I massaged his teats. I took off my panties and put my pussy in my face so I could eat it. He did exactly what I did to her and I also ended up corriéndome in her face.

After my orgasm, I put her in four and started eating her little butt. He would Bite his buttocks and licked his anus. In the meantime, I started putting a finger on her again, wet pussy. I masturbated it for a while, but I didn’t let it get to run. The knocked back in the towel and started to make a scissors. There are No words to describe how truly pleasurable is the rubbing between two vulvas, passing the flows from one sex to another, scrubbing the clitoris so that the best of climaxes occurs. She wanted to take the initiative, so she knocked me down and went on with that glorious move that was driving us both crazy. Suddenly she started screaming, completely gone by the feeling she was experiencing. He Sped up the pace considerably. I couldn’t stop moaning either. Don’t Aguantaríamos much more. And so it was, we both burst into a tremendous orgasm. She also had her first squirt, one of the most tremendous I had ever seen, and it was not in my joy to think it had been thanks to me.

We got totally naked in the pool to clean up a little after so much enjoyment and decided that we would be follamigas. In this way we assure a lot of moments more of a pleasure idescriptible and without ties.