Biography Of Nekane Sweet Porn Star

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DATA OF Nekane Sweet

Real Name                                 Nekane
Spanish                                       nationality
How big is?                                 165 cm
How much does it weigh?       50 kg
Brown Eye Color
Brown Hair Color
Where was he born?               Province of Granada
When was born? /                   How old is December 16, 1991
How much earn?                    [Year] 700 Thousand Dollars Annual

Who is Nekane Sweet?

Nekane Sweet, or Nekane to dry, is a young and recognized Spanish porn actress. Born on December 16, 1991 in the province of Granada, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

This young girl started in the porn world on January 12, 2011, at just 20 years old. He recorded a video for the porn series “Pilladas”, series made by the producer and also Spanish porn actor Nacho Torbe for his website Putalocura. Since then Nekane received all the looks due to his ease before the cameras and his professionalism. After the series “Pilladas”, Nekane continued working with Torbe in various productions such as the web series “Guarreridas” (2012). In March of that same year, Nekane signed with an exclusive contract for the production company Cumlouder, although she also made live shows via web cam for the Torbe website and in RWCash.

Among his films with the production company Cumloader are “Street Suckers 1” (2013), “Bitch Confessions 1” (2014) and “Handjob Goddess 2” (2014). It also appears in the movie “Fuckin Van 1” (2013), made by the producer Score.

Her petite constitution and her imposing breasts make Nekane a sex bomb that does not leave anyone unnoticed to see her in action. His body completely shaved and free of tattoos and piercings is a delight. In his performances we can see heterosexual and lesbian scenes, blowjobs, vaginal, anal, double penetration, interracial and BDSM.

In addition, Nekane is passionate about videogames and consoles in general, a “gamer”. For some years he has been uploading his own videos to YouTube on his Nekane Play channel. In these gameplays, Nekane shows us his reactions and comments while playing different games. He also loves reading good books, walking and animals in general, feeling predilection for dogs in particular. Currently lives in Barcelona.

Nekane Sweet

Origin of his artistic name:
There are many actresses who have problems when choosing their stage name, but in the case of Nekane it was a bit easier, since it was Torbe who baptized her and this beautiful actress loved the idea, by the way we must note that Nekane means pains in Vasco.

Nekane studied hairdressing before starting in porn:

Certainly Nekane confesses that she loves what she did and being a stylist was within her plans, but the world of pornography was more than a job a passion she carried out, but she would also love to study psychology or veterinary medicine.

Perfect and natural body:

Of course we all believe that porn actresses are operated and that all must have a strict regime of exercise and nutrition to preserve their figure, but Nekane Sweet has been fortunate to have a perfect body with measures of 91-61-94, and although many They do not believe everything is 100% natural.

Nekane is a lover of video games and Disney movies:

There are not many people who share these interests, but if anything is known about this beautiful Spanish porn actress is that within her favorite hobbies are the classic Disney films like the Lion King and that she also loves to play video games of any console, for that and more we love Nekane.

Nekane is pregnant:

This could result in a drastic change in her career as a pornographic actress, however after posting her excellent news on her official Instagram account on December 7, 2017, many colleagues and producers wished her the best wishes and positive thoughts to give her I encourage the actress in her new stage as a mom.