My Stepmother Doesn’t See Me As Her Daughter.

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After four years abroad I returned to my hometown, with a degree in my hand as a commercial engineer. And in order to become my father’s successor. I Am an only child and it is my right to do so.

When I landed, I waited to see my father, but no, there was John, the chauffeur of all life, on the side of the car that would take me home. I Must justify it, maybe he had an important meeting that made it impossible for him to come to see me, I had to believe that.

When We arrived, I went down and walked. It was strange to me, so long without being here, I felt that everything was different, but what caught my attention was the presence of a woman, maid could not be, her bearing, elegance made it impossible. I Began to walk to where she was, she looked so concentrated in the newspaper that she paid no attention to my arrival.

— Hello — punch to say. The woman was startled by dropping what she read.

I look and I got lost in his eyes. Blue with small greenish gleams that highlighted his gaze and those populated eyebrows that his curvature made her look like an evil being.

“Who are you?” I spoke again

— Alejandra de Villaseñor — Villaseñor? That woman had my last name, she was… Is

“You must be Daniela, your father told me a lot about you.” Pleased to meet you — he spoke again, stretching out his hand.

I looked at his hand. Was That woman my stepmother? I Never knew about her, I didn’t understand what was going on, but out of respect I shook her hand.

“I Understand your reaction, your father didn’t say anything about me, I asked him to do it, but he insisted on keeping it hidden until you came back,” he smiled. Shit, he’s too young, he must be about five years older than I am.

“I Did Not expect this surprise,” I mentioned in a cold tone. What I hate most in this life is to hide things from me. He had married and had no decency to tell me. What the hell is a beautiful woman doing with a man who doubles her age?

“You must be surprised at my youth.” And in your mind you must have many questions, but I will answer them.

I’m thirty three years old, yes, I’m younger than your father. I’m Not out of interest, I have a lot of money, it’s the least I need. I’M in love with Carlos. That’s All my truth — he counted. I believed all his words, was convincing, his age caught my attention I thought I had less. It’S very well preserved. White Skin as silk, his face shows no signs of old age, and his body… My God, it makes you want to get lost in it, you have the perfect measurements, you must take care of yourself.

“Okay.” Nice to meet you — I Smiled, and again stretched my hand, took it but I was surprised that this time did not let go, I smiled with mischief, while his thumb played with the back of my hand. Are you flirting with me?

You Can’t find out, because I heard my father’s voice.

I dropped his hand and I abalance the man who had just arrived, quite a while had passed since the last time I saw him.

— Little Girl, nice to have you home again. You Look Beautiful — I flattered my father without losing his pretty smile. He Was a man with a few gray hairs that made him look mature, gray eyes like mine, and wrinkles that adorned his face, as a sign of experience and plenty of work.

— How Much I missed you old. But now yes, I’m not leaving your side anymore — I confessed excitedly. I Was determined to stay

“I’M glad to hear It.” From What I see, you’ve met Alejandra, my wife — she spoke, approaching the above. I forced Myself to smile

Yes. I Don’t understand why you didn’t tell me before — I retorted

“I Wanted to tell you in person, we’ve been married for eight months — I opened my mouth. Was Amazing

“Then, if I didn’t come back, I never knew — I Was losing my temper

-Quiet daughter, it was a mistake, sorry. Change that face, you’re so pretty so you’re angry. Don’t you think it’s love? “asked his wife

Exact. She’S Beautiful — She commented as She smiled sideways.

— You see. Go Up to your room and settle — nodded. And I retired, leaving them alone. I Returned my gaze and could see how I did not take my eyes off my body. What’s wrong with that woman?

I Stopped seeing and went upstairs to my room. That woman is very strange.

Alejandra POV

Today I would meet in person the woman of my sleeplessness, for which I committed one of the greatest follies of my life. I married a man I do not love, everything to be close to that girl who in pictures checked how beautiful it was put through time.

It Was five years ago I saw her, she was still in high school. I was Driving my car when I realized his presence, that little skirt caught my attention, his long legs captivated me. His jet-black hair that moved with the wind dazzleded me. I was aiming to find out who that young lady was.

When I had all the information I smiled, with money everything can be achieved. The only Daughter of a widowed entrepreneur, seventeen, and one of the best students in her institution.

I devised many ways to get close but none seemed right, is underage, would go to jail if he tried to pervert.

I slept with several older girls, of course. Everything to imagine that was the body of Daniela Villaseñor.

“Yes, like that.” Eat the Pussy Daniela, do not stop — all prostitutes who hired, should be pelinegras and young.

I Felt his tongue sinking in my center and a finger stuck in my anus; I was stirring with pleasure, closing my eyes and seeing the face of that little girl who stole my senses.

I Took my hand to his scalp, and I began to move my hips over his mouth

“I Want to run in your mouth, let’s Get me fingers,” I demanded. I Felt two fingers enter a thrust, stealing the air I had, and another playing in my butt. I closed my eyes Again and screamed Daniela’s name as I ran. Pant delightfully, no doubt this girl was of my best mistresses.

Climbed up my body to my mouth, analytically with passion

“Why Do you always call me Daniela,” she asked as she kissed my neck

“I pay You for fucking me, not for asking stupid questions — gruñí.” I turned it over, to perch on it. I was going to teach You to keep your mouth shut, You’re forbidden to ask.

I Sank three fingers and moved them fiercely, I felt like I scratched my back. She’S A savage, I bit her nipple while still penetrándola.

— It hurts, so no — whining

— This will teach you to keep your mouth shut. Your mouth only serves to me —

I had No compassion, he ran and I kept Penetrándola until he had a second orgasm.

“Was it clear to You?” I spoke, when he picked up his clothes to change.

With His watery eyes, he just nodded.

So I spent the first three years, fucking with anyone who was young and beautiful. For the next I choose to approach his father, what I did not imagine was that he would end up falling in love with me. Shit, and I want to fuck your daughter.

I saw Him on the bright side, near the old man meant to approach Daniela. Knowing that he had a year left to return, I was enthusiastic, I could have gone to where she was, but I preferred to wait for her, to live everything she has to live abroad; When I came back I’d show you what’s good.

The Union of companies, was the key point for me to marry Carlos, his company was in trouble and the injection of capital would not hurt. He gave Me power in his company, but what I wanted was to seize his daughter’s body. Hasten The marriage, I had to settle in his house before Daniela arrived.

I Was looking at the window, waiting for the moment I saw the car arrive, it Was not long when I realized that they arrived. I Ran and sat in the living room, with a newspaper that I don’t even know what day it will be. He Opened the door, I kept seeing the paper I had in my hands. I Didn’t know what was happening to me but my heart was accelerated, it was like a locomotive at full speed.

Listening to his greeting and seeing his eyes, be amazed, were equal to those of his father, Gray as a sky in Tempest and that was how my body felt; Whirlwinds, hurricanes that were formed to see Daniela, her hair was still dark, thick lips that I imagined devouring my pussy. Just thinking about it feels like my center is throbbing.

I put to his orders and make clear a few things, the least I wanted was to think I’m an interested, the money is not missing, the only thing I need is her in my bed. Feel his hand for the second time I nublo the ideas I could not let go, instead, caress his back, I was about to lose control, thank God I got Carlos and stop everything.

What I wouldn’t give to hug me that way, to smile at me like he does with his father. To Say that she is beautiful was short for what she thought of her, I was unable to remove my eyes from her body and I did not care to see me do. I Don’t know how much more you hold without lanzármele.