Mia Khalifa Biography: Her Private Life Before Being The Queen Of Adult Cinema

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Mia Khalifa Biography

Mia Khalifa is the most popular porn star in the social networks. A native of Lebanon, this beautiful woman led a demure life when she was not famous.

Here we tell you what she really was like.

Mia Khalifa is the most wanted porn star on the Internet. His intimate and private life could not be separated from this. It finally reveals how the Lebanese actress looked before. Your real name, hobbies, strengths and joys will never be a mystery anymore.

In these little-seen images of her past, Mia is seen with her first boyfriend, a little blond boy whom she lovingly embraces. She emigrated from her country to the United States at age 9, with her entire family. His father is a too-fanatical Muslim. They lived in a neighborhood of Beirut. In the photo below, she is 5 years old and studied in a middle class school.

The real name of Mia is Sarah Chamoun, with that name she made a university career in History of Art. But soon after he married an American, from whom he took the name Sarah Joe O’Brien. Little is known about her husband, according to unofficial sources he is imprisoned. In this image it is seen that he wears a suit of the American navy. Maybe it’s just a disguise.
In other photographs Mia is seen with her husband, in a red dress and dressed as a waitress. They say he worked in a restaurant, like that, sensually. He published them when he still did not have his name as a pornstar.

Mia has not yet divorced, nor has she found a new love, maybe she wants to have her partner out of popularity. She had already done porn since 19, and was not well known, her success crossed borders when she started making threesomes with her burka or hijab.

Mia Khalifa tells the misery of being a porn actress

“Looking back I do not know what I was thinking … I was 21 and I was stupid”

Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese American Catholic, who emigrated from Beirut to the United States in 2000, and at first, her life was quite normal, she married an American after turning 18 and went to the University of Texas to get the race of history.
Deborondo.com compiled several of the terrible sequels of having been an adult film actress.


When he was 21, he had just graduated, divorced, and worked for a fast food restaurant in Miami.
Until one day, a man asked him if he wanted a nude modeling job, but Khalifa knew what he really meant. After 3 months in the prone industry, Mia Khalifa became one of the best-known names. Her videos reached more than 1.5 million visits, was the number 1 actress in popularity.
“Looking back I do not know what I was thinking … I was 21 and I was stupid,” she told Lance Armstrong when he interviewed her on his radio show.

After his success Khalifa had to face the consequences of fame, not only criticism in his country of birth, was also a controversial figure in the world, especially after a tape was published in which he appeared wearing a hijab. Then he became the target of ISIS, who sent him death threats and told him that he was going to burn in hell. Finally, it was these messages that made him renounce the industry forever, not long after he entered.

“Everything began to lose control when the ISIS threats came to me, it was when I took a definitive step,” he told Armstrong.
But even knowing that she left this world, she has not completely left the show. Now she continues working as a webcam girl and creating interactive content for her fans in her Patreon account. And although many do not believe it, he still earns his living in front of a camera, except that now he usually does it with clothes.

Even though Mia goes down in history as one of the most popular adult actresses of our time, her vision of this industry and the women who work in it is devastating. “Most of the girls get themselves looking for fame. That is the saddest part. All these young women who think that this is the only way to please others or become a celebrity. It’s sad, “he said in an interview.