A Sexy Cop

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Hello I want to tell you something wonderful that happened to me a few days ago, I am a woman of 49 years very

Careful I have a body bronseado and very harmonious, I have a round butt, with the perfect shape of a heart

Inverted, my breasts are medium with pink nipples and very provocative, my eyes are blue and that in contrast

With my blonde hair (natural) and my bronseada skin make me an attractive woman for men and women. That idea

of attracting women makes me very hot, I consider myself straight but whenever I think of a female body my pusy

It gets wet and albotorota.

Well I’ll tell you, I left the city to go to the beach because it deserved a few days of rest, was driving

On the freeway, when I found a police check, stop like all the other vehicles, when I get my

Shift I approached the window of the car a POLICEWOMAN, wearing her uniform completely glued to the body

She looked very sensual with the buttons on her open shirt, letting appear some lace of her bra

As well as his two huge boobs, it was guessed that they were beautiful and desirable, not taenia much ass but with those boobs

It was impossible not to look at it, I hit my window because I was petrified looking at it, when it reacts lower the window

And asked me for my Documents, I looked in a way that made me wet the thong of the swimsuit that was wearing

I check My Documents and when I deliver them I winked with his eye and sent me a kiss… Keep driving

Not to stop thinking about that beautiful woman who had me but not power. At last I arrived at my hotel where I was expected

My friends I’d spend the weekend with.

After having spent all the afternoon lying in the sand of the beach, looking in a way to everything

Man or woman who was fixed on my I decided to go to my room to take a shower and prepare to go out that night,

When I got into the bathroom I started stripping my bathing suit and looked at my body in the mirror covering the wall and started

To touch my breasts first, pelizcaba to my nipples and then amazaba my boobs, so my pusy that I had

Had hot all day began to throb and get wet, so I looked while I touched, first put a

Finger and with another massaged my clitoris was about to run, when I sound my phone, I get out

Of my transe, when I take it I saw that it was an unknown number, atendi the call u a I’m going to me

Family member said my name… And I wonder if I didn’t know who it was, my surprise was so great when I identified

Like the police who had stopped me in the police control, in a second I had again the image of those

Boobs who wanted to escape through that cleavage and I wanted to see, touch savor for the morbid Probocavan me.

I asked him how he got my number and he told me that when I passed My Documents there was a personal card

With my phone number and that she believed I had given it on purpose, I said no but thanked

To the universe because it happened. He told me that his shift had ended and that he did not work until Monday and that if I

I wanted to have a couple of drinks, I said that if I would love the idea, so we were to see a

Discreet bar that she knew in an hour, communicate to my friends that I presented something and that would

But in the night, I bathe touching my body imagining that it was his hands, he dressed me to kill,

I wore a very short white dress and under the only one had a lace thong of the same color, perfume

Each piece of my skin and I cals a very high heels gilded, go down to the reception and request a taxi for

To take me to the place because I did not want to drive because I sure was going to drink more than a drink

When she arrived she was there, standing by the bar wearing a black shirt black dress some sandals

Rojas, her dress wore open the buttons at the breast height and let her see the lace of her bra

Red as his shoes. We look forward so we get up and we kiss very close to the mouth, feel its

Breath and its proximity made my nipples erect and she noticed it, so with much dissimulation went up the

Hand to Retir the hair on my face and the Rozo. The night I advance wonderful we drank, we danced and already in public

We kiss shamelessly making our tongues chafe. When it was almost 10 he told me that

The bra is bothering you and if I want to go home or if we go to my hotel to be able to take,

We left the bar and went up to the back of a taxi and gave him the address of my hotel, on the way

We unleashed our desires and touched and kissed everything in front of the cab driver, who did not

We took the race for the wonderful show we gave.

Once in my room began the party opened a single shot the buttons of his dress and separate the lace

From her boobs I avalance on them and started to suck them, lick them and bite them like a poser, they were so big

And so hard it was delicious magrearlas, my dress tambiem disappeared and she started to eat my boobs

It was delicious to feel for the first time the mouth of a woman deboranmdo my body I lie down on the bed and come down kissing

Every part of my body to reach my clam, there did something incredible, cojio one of his boobs and comenxo

Masturbate, his boob full of my juices the pony in my mouth to suck and enjoy my own juices

So we were a long time alternating his boobs in my clam that ran several times, after his bag sack

A comforter with Arnez and told me today was going to know what it was to be a woman of a policeman, recosted by my Side

And I order him to come down and eat his clam, direct my movements with clear orders,–pass your tongue of

Arriva down, faster and it was delicious to feel its taste in my mouth, then said suck as if it were

of an ice cream collect my juices with your tongue and bring them to my mouth, I did and was delicious delirious of pleasure

Sucking their juices and sharing it in a wet and delicious kiss. He ran three times in my face Mojandomela

All then clean with tongues my face and neck.

I thought everything would stop there, but I ordered again to put me on my knees on the bed, she rose

And put the Arnez with that large, uncommunally big, I stand on the bed and order to lick it

That moistened it to get into my holes that I wanted for her, it was so great that it hardly fit

In my mouth, but she with a unique skill fucked my mouth with that cock and my clam dripping,

When I consider that she was ready she told me to lie down with her legs open, she ducked and filled her out

My holes and started to put it, first in my little beaver that could hardly bear it, at the beginning my moans

They were of pain mixed with pleasure but she said that tonight would be his wife and would know what it is to flirt

With a policeman, began to fuck me with strength better than any expert man had done before, I got

Two orgasms so great that the big one was completely wet, so I said Flip and put on 4 legs

Like the bitch you are, I want to deflowering that ass, their insults instead of offending me excited

But I started to say that if I was a whore and I wanted to refine my ass, every i said whore me

Wet more If I said it was his dog the Orgazmo came without having to touch me, began to prepare my

Ass, filled him out once more and began to stick a finger and move it in circles, then two and so until

Tucked three fingers and moved them from the outside into and into circles, I was screaming for pleasure was the whore of the

Police of delicious boobs and wanted more, so I started to feel like I opened my ass with the toys until

That in a single blow put it in my ass making me scream in pain, she stayed still and put her fingers

In Boca and started to fuck my mouth with his fingers while my ass suited to that giante that was

Tearing, after a few minutes the pain stopped, and began a wave of pleasure with every onslaught that gave me,

I ran one more time, I pull the fuck out of my ass and I order to sleep with my legs open and lift

And once again I penetrate the ass with the same, but I had the hole of my clam at your disposal, started to bounce

He went out on the and with his hand I touched and masturbated making me scream for pleasure, so we were a long time

Then she stood up and told me it’s your turn, you dog, suck my clam and get all the juice, she stayed on her feet and

On my knees in front of her I started to lick and suck her vagina until it ran so much that I soaked completely

Then we took a bath together and slept to sleep….

Another story will be the sunrise with this woman who taught me the arts of Lesvianismo and made me wish every

Woman who passes… What if, I have not ruled out men now I want to try two very large zipotes

For me alone

Kisses for all, I hope you enjoyed it