FIT18 – Jasmine Grey – Casting 85 Lb Tiny Filipina Asian Girl

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As a child, with my sister we used to sleep in the same bed because of space, we had a room for both of us, at night we watched television and changing the channel we found a porn, I had seen before but she did not, I was very warm, turn off the TV, I proposed a game, stay motionless for a moment while the other to what you want. I had the first shift, I took off all his clothes, I started touching his legs which was what stood out most of his figure, I put my penis in his tail and pressed it against her, after a few minutes it was his turn, in his innocence He did the same as me, putting his little shell against me. So weeks went by, she already put on lighter clothes before going to sleep, easy to peel off, I rubbed my penis all over her body, until she got between her lips, I convinced her to suck it, with the days she liked it the most. One day returning from school, it was night, my parents came out, we watched television, we played the horse, she riding on me riding my penis but still wearing school clothes, then the light went out, we kept moving, I was excited and I think she too, Then I put my hands under her skirt, I grab her buttocks, I press her to me to feel my cock more, she starts to breathe hard, unbutton my pants, pull out my penis and start to knead it, I very hot I take off her panties , and our genitals make contact. I felt her soft vaginita, juicy and hot, I could not take it anymore, I told her to prepare, and I penetrated her without mercy, she screamed loud, I felt a liquid in my penis, I knew what I had done. I continued to penetrate her but slowly, until she calms down and begins to enjoy it. Then it was she who took control and moved more. We changed position, I threw her into bed, and I started to put her on top of her, after 5 minutes, spreading all my cum inside her, it was the best I could experience. I asked him if he wanted to keep doing it and he said yes, our parents came, it was time to go to bed and that night we did not sleep, my penis was irritated to put it on. Every night on we did it, including anal, it lasted almost 2 years until they separated us and each one had his room, the frequency went down, little by little we did less, he had a boyfriend, he understood what we had done and over time we went as forgetting …