CFNM – Pervert Ulf Larsen Get Sucked And More…

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Hello dear … I am writing for the third time about how my husband has turned me into the bitch of disgusting old men and how I let out the hot bitch I was wearing under my pants.

My husband stimulated me first orally and then he convinced me to seduce my mom’s partner, that I told in my first story, I continue to date eating Jorge’s rich cock and I enjoy it more every day. After my husband guided me to seduce Ernesto the old and disgusting driver of the company where I work, I still open his legs and I run feeling his dirty and fat body on me, especially when he makes me his wife in the van the company only a few blocks from my house.

Then I will tell you, in another story, of my partuses with Jorge and Ernesto, I never imagined that I would have two members for me and not how much I would enjoy … but that will be another time. Now I want to tell you when I ate the old gardener in my neighborhood.

We live in a traditional neighborhood where most of the houses have a small front yard and a good back yard, it is a well-off middle class sector, the gardens are cared for and valued. For years don Jaime is the gardener who attends all the houses in the neighborhood, spends every 3 weeks and leaves all the patios impeccable, we know him so much that he has all our confidence. Don Jaime must be over 60 years badly cared for, boy, paunchy, black and very hairy. If you look at him with detachment, he reveals that he is a very degenerate type, until recently I had not realized what was in front of me and less imagined what was waiting for me.

One afternoon Don Jaime worked in my backyard, I was on the second floor and I looked out a window and I discovered it sniffing my panties that were always hanging right in that place … it was a withering image for me to see it with one of my tail in his nose enjoying like a savage, I got all wet, I had to touch myself feeling a bitch in heat and I ran over my mouth so he would not listen to me, I wanted to go out to the patio to offer myself but I endured. When my husband arrived I told him what had happened, he warmed up like never before, he stuck it in my ass telling me that he already knew what he had to do.

The next day, Jaime returned to finish his work, I wore from very early, I received him with a tight dress and quite transparent, I had various clothes to fulfill my fascinating role as a whore for old men. The old man saw me with piggy desire and I accompanied him to the patio and I dedicated myself to show me with little subtlety, I had my big hard tits, my nipples standing, my slut squirting and my lips swollen. I pretended to order the patio, which allowed me to bend down several times and expose my back and my breasts that at that point shouted to be sucked.
I did not ask anymore, I offered him a beer, we went to the kitchen and I leaned in the fridge and don Jaime already madly grazed my ass, I pulled back and pressed him against the wall … he took me by the hips and told me I was hot, I let out my first moan and he understood that he could do everything. My little dress came up, I was still crouched down, my tail fell down completely wet, she knelt behind me and sucked my choro and ass … I screamed and moved all my ass in her face.

Don Jaime stood up, pulled me out of my dress, turned me around and sucked my tits violently, I had my first orgasm while shouting “I want to be your whore”. I opened my leg as much as I could and I begged him to skewer his cock. It was not done to pray, it is the biggest cock that I have eaten to date.

I do not know how many orgasms I had, I only know that that morning they filled my toad, my ass and my mouth with milk.

It was pure pleasure. It made me crazy how Jaime treated me, the dirty ones that he told me put me to a thousand … he dragged me to my bed and he gave me a very hard anus, I cried with pain and pleasure.

My left marks on her tits with her bites and in the ass with so many spankings that she gave me.

Between Jorge, Ernesto and Jaime I prefer the Gardener.

Now he asks me to leave him a used underpants in the yard to enjoy my scent of a whore when I could not get up and when he goes I find a colalles full of his milk, I take it and I pomgo it to go to work or I suck it whole.
So I can tell you how my husband got when I told him.