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DEFINITION OF Porno Porno is an abbreviated way of referring to pornography or pornography. Pornography is the set of works that present explicit sexual content, with the aim of provoking the excitement of the receiver. Due to its characteristics, pornographic materials are not suitable for minors, whose access to this type of content is prohibited by law sexfile. Porn movies, also known as triple X or XXX, show all kinds of real sex. This means that the actors do not simulate the relationships, but actually specify the sexual act in front of the cameras. The photographs exhibited by porn magazines have the same characteristics. In general, a distinction is made between softcore (when certain images are avoided: for example, the genitals or penetration are not shown) and hardcore (it is possible to see the totality of the sexual relationship and the bodies without any censorship). Porn can also be classified according to the type of scenes portrayed. In this way, you can talk about heterosexual porn, gay porn, etc. have much category: file teen teen, milf, lisa ann, luna rival, creampie, best video amateur, porn amateur, amateur porn, anal video, Asian, college sex, compilation, oldman , stories, xvideos, brazzer, sexfile,, the best porn videos, cam, caught, cum, sasha gray videos, mia khalifa videos, deep throat videos, brazzersfile, pornofile, adolescente Novato and pornoa, pornoe, pornos, pornoxxx, pornos gratis, pornomovies free, pornolar, video pornografik , and more It is common for porn to be criticized for presenting a reified view of women (most movies and magazines are aimed at satisfying male fantasies) and for encouraging unhealthy behaviors (such as unprotected sex with AIDS). In certain cultures, pornographic content is considered a lack of respect for morals or religion, which is why it is prohibited. The defenders of porn, on the other hand, believe that their production and dissemination among adults must be framed within the freedom of expression and, therefore, can not be condemned. From this point of view, pornography is no different from any other type of content, as long as it is appreciated by the right audience, it can not cause any harm. PornoThe opposition and the contempt towards the pornography usually is associated to a way of conceiving the merely reproductive sex, generally as a result of a repression that has little to do with the times that are running (or should run). This perception of sexuality goes hand in hand with rejection of homosexual relationships and any orientation that does not lead to the "classic" union of a man and a woman cutting the wedding cake. But just as it happens with the campaigns of homophobia that so tarnish the cultural advances of many nations, the rejection of pornography becomes ridiculous when it is discovered that many of its representatives consume it or are married to people who do it. Whenever it is about works that expose men and women equally, both heterosexual like Lisa ann, Mia Khalifa, Piper Perri, rebeca linares and homosexual, without promoting machismo or exploitation of any kind, it is difficult to enumerate real harms of this form of expression XVIDEOS. However, porn may be linked to certain practices that are reprehensible to society, and in those cases a distinction should be made: exhibitionism, for example, although some consider it a pathology, can affect people who do not want or who do not they should expose themselves to this behavior, such as being bystanders who are attacked spontaneously or minors. In cybercafés, for example, it is common to find young people who masturbate while watching pornographic videos, something that may be inappropriate for the rest of the customers. XVIDEOS Undoubtedly, the kind of pornography that should not be approved by any human being is the child, which involves the exploitation of children for the realization of videos and photographs, in addition to their exposure to consumers, thus destroying their childhood and reducing to hard limits to imagine their probabilities of leading a balanced and happy life in adulthood for the few that reach it. PARTNERT XVIDEOS